Access Control systems provide a level of security control and accountability of your entire facility’s operation. From software solutions with integrated video to hardware, to biometric readers and keypad devices. Whether for a small, mid-sized or global enterprise, we can design and install powerful, reliable, and easy to use systems for a cohesive network solution.


The right Access Control products can provide the ability to integrate with data networks ( incl. other systems and existing equipment) thus providing overall cost savings and minimal disruptions on site.


Furthermore, technology advances in alarm verification and diagnostic functions ensure that false alarms are diminished. Thus potentially reducing your manpower (guard) requirements.


Some of the video analytics and applications include:

  • Single platform for managing access control across multiple sites
  • Scalability for growing organizations and multiple sites
  • Use of existing IT infrastructure to host the security system
  • Immediate notification of alarms raised, optional text/email alerts
  • Real-time audit trail enables access decisions and requirements to be quickly adjusted and implemented
  • Automatic access decision and tracking of who can go where and when on site
  • Automatic execution and enforcement of business policy
  • Immediate notification of alarms raised, optional text/email alerts
  • Automatic enforcement of business policy through integration of compliance information with access control decisions
  • Inductions, licenses, qualifications and training of personnel can be monitored within the access system
  • High degree of control and certainty of personnel locations on site minimizes the risk of accidents, site shutdowns, and corporate liability

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