We are a full-service company providing all aspects of lawn maintenance including lawn mowing, trimming, edging, irrigation, aeration, landscape maintenance, pressure washing, blowing, trash removal and pest management.

The mission of Elite Master Solutions is to continue to be the best lawn maintenance in The Bahamas and Florida offering unparalleled services. Our dedicated staff works with clients every step of the way to ensure that customers receive the services they need and desire. We value customer relationships. With hard work and attention to detail we will provide flexible solutions to meet and exceed your expectations.

With managers and supervisors on site, you are guaranteed the ultimate attention to detail and time commitments. We strive to establish for our customers a foundation of absolute trust and confidence in our team.

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Successful businesses realize that a positive corporate image is one of the most important things to gaining new customers and keeping the old. At Elite Master Solutions we realize that your customers, clients, and tenants are gaining a sense of who you are and what you do, long before they make it through your front door. Clients get their first impression of you the second they drive onto your location. A well-maintained site will set you apart from the competition. It shows that you are serious about what you do and provides reassurance that you are a professional who cares about not only your own image, but the image of your clients as well.

From employees to utility bills, we understand that you have many things to think about in the day-to-day operations of your business. We ensure that your property looks its best, year round, and make the management of your property that much easier. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate

We provide the most effective lawn care maintenance program for your lawn. Allowing your lawn to reach its full potential will require you to have a proper schedule for your lawn. Our contractors have a wealth of experience and will provide the proper direction for your lawn to become lush and green. A proper lawn mowing program is necessary with the goal of creating a healthy lawn. Our machines our maintained on a regular basis to ensure your lawn does not become diseased or infected with weeds. We also monitor how short or long the grass is cut to ensure the survival of the lawn. Our lawn contractors take the necessary steps to ensure your grass is not damaged and your lawn remains healthy.

A lawn maintenance schedule that works around your schedule


We offer a one-year lawn care program that consists of fertilization, weed control, and pre-emergence to give your lawn all the necessary nutrients it needs to stay clean and healthy.

1) Early Spring – Pre-emergent crabgrass control with a balanced fertilizer

2) Spring – Post-emergent crabgrass control with fertilizer

3) Preventive Grub Control –Protection against grub damage

4) Summer – Broad-leaf weed control, nut-sedge control, fertilize

5) Late Summer – Balanced fertilizer to encourage rooting with Broadleaf weed control.

6) Liming – To help neutralize soil acidity

7) Fall – Fertilization to stimulate root development and promote early spring color.


We offer Topchoice a powerfully effective fire ant control treatment for homes, businesses, schools, playgrounds, parks, sports fields, and other facilities. We guarantee this single-application treatment for one year, which means that if you have any more problems with fire ants during that year we will gladly re-treat your yard for free.


Topchoice, backed by Bayer, is the number one insecticide for removing dangerous fire ants from your yard.

One application controls existing colonies and prevents new infestations of fire ants. Applied only by professionals, Topchoice is formulated specifically for broadcast application with commercial spreaders.


Prevention or early detection of pests and lawn disease is the best way to avoid damage, wasted time, and more money spent. If you suspect insect infestation or lawn disease, don’t hesitate to give us a call us.


Lawn disease can be largely avoided with Turf Solutions, proper care and management of your lawn through weed control, fertilization, appropriate watering, and more. We offer specialized programs to treat your lawn disease and more.

Brown Patch (Rhizoctonia spp.) Large Patch (Rhizoctobia Solani) Gray Leaf Spot (Pyricularia Grisea) Leaf Spot (Helminthosporium spp.) Spring Dead Spot


We offer a one-year tree care and shrub maintenance program that consists of insect and disease control and fertilization with seven applications strategically performed throughout the year.

Our innovative tree and shrub care program is specifically designed to protect the investment you’ve made in your trees and shrubs by keeping them healthy, preventing harmful insects and diseases, and enhancing the blooms and growth of your plants.

1.Pre-Spring Horticultural Oil – Smoothers any insect larva that may be present on your plants. Applied during winter months.

2.Spring Bloom Enhancement – Designed to bring out vibrant colors of your plants, flowers resulting in a longer lasting, healthier bloom. Applied in March and April.

3-5. Insect & Disease Control – Applied at the beginning of summer application 3, is a powerful defense against insects. Application 4 strengthens your trees and shrubs defense system and killing any existing insects or diseases. Application 5 ensures that your plants will be healthy and strong to endure the winter.

6.Fall Horticultural Oil – specialized formula of horticultural oil is applied to your trees and shrubs which smothers any insect larva that may be present on your plants.

7.Deep Root Fertilization – The final application of our program focus on feeding plants with the nutrients it needs. It enhances color, improved leaf size, overall growth, and flowering potential


We are pleased to offer core aeration services to our clients. We typically aerate in the spring with a hydraulic core aeration machine which quickly and powerfully aerates the soil more deeply. For fescue grasses, we aerate and seed in the fall.


It doesn’t matter what type of grass you have, all turf needs deep, healthy roots to survive the summer heat and remain green and growing during a drought. When soil has become compacted for one reason or another, grass roots cannot spread out and grow deeper into the soil. Core aeration utilizes hollow tine to remove a chunk of soil roughly two to four inches deep and about one-half inch in diameter. In the empty space that aeration creates, oxygen, water, and nutrients can freely flow, plant roots will have room to develop and grow.

pH Testing & Lime Application

Did you know that pH levels of soil are a critical indicator of soil fertility? Knowing your soil’s pH levels can assist in diagnosing nutritional problems.

Our technicians will take a sample of your soil testing. If your soil is below 6.0 pH, we can provide a lime application to help bring your soil back into balance. Lime application is typically performed in correlation with aeration as the nutrients are absorbed into the soil more effectively after it has been aerated.

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