Elite Master 360 Electrostatic Sprayer



This powerful tool allows the user the ability to attack microbes and decontaminate areas and facilities efficiently and effectively.

The disinfection capability of this handheld sprayer is second to none. With the simple to use point and shoot sprayer and the fundamental advantages of the electrostatic spray, this useful tool can be used in any scenario. From thorough disinfection of a hospital room to a hotel room to a person’s own home or gym, this handheld sprayer will get the job done.

This easy to use electrostatic spray system can be handled by virtually anyone as long as they follow the provided instructions on coverage and spray direction. Since the electrostatic spray can be toggled on and off, the user will want to make sure they understand the surfaces they are coating and the disinfectant level needed.


Since this sprayer system is also cordless, the user does not need to worry about proximity to a power source. At about four hours of run time on a single battery, the electrostatic sprayer can be used to achieve most intended tasks in a single session. It also weighs in at around three and a half pounds which makes it easily maneuverable and portable for any user.



  • Electrostatic function can be disabled or enabled as needed
  • Runs quiet and is lightweight and portable
  • Head light illuminates work surface for precise coverage
  • Ergonomic design provides a soft grip for comfort
  • 16.8V lithium ion rechargeable battery (included) provides approximately 4 hours of runtime
  • Trigger lock prevents accidental spraying
  • Single-channel sprayer nozzle directs charged particles with pin-point accuracy

Sectors For Use

  • Gyms, Health Clubs, Spas and Salons
  • Daycares, schools, universities
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical and Dental Facilities
  • Restaurants, Food Service and Kitchens
  • Ambulances and First Responders
  • Office Buildings, Shopping Centers and Grocery Stores
  • Theaters, Stadiums, Amusements Parks
  • Hotel and Cruise Ships


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